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Perfect for Carp
Helps You Catch More Fish
For Professionals & Beginners
Re-usable Bag
No Need to Use Groundbait
Proven Secret Formula
Can be Frozen
Easy to Use
Natural Ingredients
Extra Long Shelf Life

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MasterBait has been formulated for use by anglers of any level, from the novice to the professional.

Our unique blend of ingredients has been designed to attract fish without the need to ‘groundbait’ the area.

MasterBait is best suited to lake or pond fishing but can be used in rivers and even the sea. All of the ingredients are natural and will catch many species of fish. Anglers have reported an increase in numbers of fish caught and a general increase in size of each individual fish when using MasterBait.

MasterBait offers real value for money and gives any angler an edge over the competition. If you are serious about catching the biggest and best fish, then MasterBait is the bait for you.

How to Use MasterBait

Using MasterBait is so easy.Simply empty the contents of this bag into a mixing container and add water from the water in which you are fishing. Mix together until you have the consistency of plasticine.

MasterBait is designed to be of a structure that allows you to cast out with confidence that it will remain on the hook, but come off instantly when you strike to any bite.

If you do not use all of the bait on one fishing trip, you can take it home in this resealable bag to freeze ready for use on another day.

We wish you every success – GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Joe Griffin

    Got more bites than my friends and also got the biggest carp of the day. This is a must for carp anglers

  2. Jim Saunders

    Quite impressed with this compared to other baits I have tried. On par or just a little better than all of them. I must admit that I bought it because of the name and I will buy again. Just didn’t catch a monster.

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